Collection: CE Grade Cyclodextrins and Buffer Reagents

Capital Analytical offers high-purity Cyclodextrin products designed specifically for capillary electrophoresis (CE grade), catering to analytical applications such as CE and HPLC chiral separation. We have the capability to synthesize nearly any cyclodextrin derivative according to your precise requirements. Simply contact us at [](

Some notable features of our CE grade products include:

- Free-soluble lyophilizates
- Particle-free (0.22 μm membrane filtered)
- UV transparency at low wavelengths
- Well-suited for high-sensitivity analyses
- Batch-to-batch reproducibility, ensuring ruggedness for continuous use in CE
- Kits available for selecting the appropriate cyclodextrin for your needs.

At Capital Analytical, we are committed to providing high-quality Cyclodextrin products tailored to meet your analytical demands.

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