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Electronic Crimper 11mm

Electronic Crimper 11mm

Pack size: each, please inquire for leadtime

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Attach or remove crimp vial seals with high sample security with a simple, one-handed push of a button. Electronic Vial Crimpers and Decrimpers are available as handheld and high-power models for 8mm, 11mm, 13mm, and 20mm crimp vial caps.

Electronic High-Power Crimpers

  • Recommended for steel caps because it provides highest crimping force independent from battery charge status
  • Includes a 12-volt DC supply with power cord
  • Kits include Crimp and Decrimp Heads; they are also available separately
  • Can be used as a hand-held device
  • Optional adjustable accessory base for added convenience

Electronic Hand-Held Crimpers and Decrimpers

  • For crimping of vials with aluminum, pressure-release, and bi-metal caps
  • The battery charge icon on the color screen changes to red when battery is low
  • Includes a fully rechargeable lithium ion battery and a universal power supply/recharger with international plug adapters

Maximized sample security with electronic crimping tools

  • Vial crimping and decrimping can be performed in most sample trays.
  • The crimp head selection also includes special crimp heads for 13mm and 20mm flip-off caps; more specials are available on request.
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